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Main loop

Required for Emscripten. More...


NK_API void nkc_set_main_loop (struct nkc *nkcHandle, void(*mainLoopFunc)(void *loopArg), void *loopArg)
 Starts the 'infinite' main loop. Required for Emscipten only. More...
NK_API void nkc_stop_main_loop (struct nkc *nkcHandle)

Detailed Description

Required for Emscripten.

Function Documentation

NK_API void nkc_set_main_loop ( struct nkc *  nkcHandle,
void(*)(void *loopArg)  mainLoopFunc,
void *  loopArg 

Starts the 'infinite' main loop. Required for Emscipten only.

mainLoopFunc- pointer to the function, that will be called each loop iteration
loopArg- pointer to your data structer, that will be passed to mainLoopFunc function
NK_API void nkc_stop_main_loop ( struct nkc *  nkcHandle)

Exit from main loop